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Guide to know about the olympus slot


May 24, 2022

Travel to the land of the ancient Greek gods with Pragmatic Play. The Gates of Olympus slot machine is a 6-reel game in which you win by matching symbols in any position on the reels. You may play for various sums at some of the great online casinos, and it’s compatible with PCs, iOS, and Android mobile devices. On the 6×5 grid, you’ll find rings, crowns, and an hourglass, with sparkling jewels of all shapes and sizes serving as lower-value symbols. Zeus, the most powerful Greek deity, emerges as a bonus symbol and floats about behind the reels in the mythological seat of the gods. Winning combinations activate Tumbling Reels, and multiplier symbols multiply gain . These olympus slot accumulate throughout a free spins bonus round, potentially leading to large prizes.

Bonus Features:

While not all of Pragmatic Play’s slots include bonuses and features, Gates of Olympus does, and we’ll go over the three you’ll discover in the game below.

Bonus Spins:

A free spins bonus round is a must-have feature in every modern video slot, and the olympus slot gets triggered by hitting three, four, five, or six scatter symbols anywhere on the screen. Then you’ll get 15 free spins and a payout of 3X, 5X, or 100X your bet, depending on how many scatter symbols are present.

The essential difference between the free spins bonus round and the standard game is that the multipliers associated with the symbols are applied worldwide in the free spins bonus round. You don’t have to be concerned about which symbols appear when multipliers are present; any multipliers get registered to all winning combinations. Furthermore, this multiplier remains fixed and does not reset between spins.

Symbols of Multiplier:

Symbols with multipliers might appear at any time during a spin. When multiplier symbols appear in a win, the multiplier gets applied to the prize after the winning cascade. If more than one multiplier gets shown on a single spin, it gets added after the spin before being applied to the win total.

Ante Bet:

Gates of Olympus, like many other Pragmatic Play slots, has an Ante Bet feature. It boosts the size of your stake by 25% if you choose to activate it. Extra scatter symbols get added to the reels in exchange (making it easier for you to form wins). Pragmatic Play claims that the Ante Bet doubles your chances of landing the bonus round, which sounds generous given that it’s just a 25% increase in your bet.


Pragmatic Play’s Gates of Olympus boasts fascinating features, and the All Ways engine stands out among the six reels. This game does not have any pay lines. Instead, the reels must include a minimum of eight matching symbols. These symbols pay off regardless of where they appear. There are also several extra features to choose from in the slot. The Tumble feature, for example, replaces winning symbols with symbols. The multiplier option, which may provide up to 500x the initial stake, is also available.

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